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Are you planning to spend your holiday in a villa in Mallorca? Perhaps you would like a special dinner for your guests? A birthday party in family? Or would you fancy a paella, a BBQ or some mediterranean tapas with your friends? So let’s do it!

Our professional chefs will prepare the desired menu at your kitchen, creating an exclusive culinary experience at your holiday villa, allowing you to enjoy the time with your guests in a perfect evening. Because we simply love cooking and we want you to enjoy it.


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If you would fancy a delicious PAELLA, a tasty BBQ or some mediterranean TAPAS with your friends and family, this is your choice. Enjoy in your villa our menus with a private chef service, with dishes that you share at the center of the table, during an informal and distended service.

The D-Day, our chef will search for the local seasonal product to elaborate the menu chosen. About two hours before the event starts, our chef will arrive at your villa to prepare the dishes of the menu that you have selected, served it on the table in an informal way, and for finishing, we will clean your kitchen and recycle the waste. Undoubtly, a good way of tasting our gastronomic creations, for those who understand the Mediterranean food as a way of life, for the same price of a menu.

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