We strongly believe in who we are, in what we do.

When I was a child I developed a strong passion for cooking. Initially, watching my grandmother and, later on in life, throughout my travels around the world, acquiring knowledge and experience from every place and people I met. Cooking connect me to people and places.

Each dish I create has a story and everything I have learned from it. My intention, as a private chef, is to keep on this inspiration and share it with you at your table. This is one of the main reasons clients repeat the experience with us.

Since 2007, our philosophy in CHEF A CASA ® is the key point: the best local product, seasonal and fresh, at your table, served with the touch of our chef, to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Our passion for the ‘cuisine’ of market and the local seasonal product allows us to create and offer a unique and exclusive experience to our customers.

That’s because we believe in what we are, in what we do, and in the landscape where we live in, Mallorca.